Business Facilitation

One of the first hurdle that businesses have to go through is the legal requirements to set up businesses. The Government has recognised the need to improve the processes for setting up businesses in Mauritius. A World Bank Report on Doing Business in 2017 relegated Mauritius by 17 places from 32 to 49 in the worldwide league table of nations. The Business Facilitation Act was amended in 2017, the aim of which remains the setting up of a business within 1 working day.Central Business Registration Database (‘CBRD’) has improved its processes so that registration of businesses and incorporation of companies can be made within 2 hours. Issue of Electronic Certificate of Incorporation is now possible.

Oregon Consulting Ltd acts as a catalyst in the process on setting up its clients’ businesses.

Our business facilitation services are not restrictive. Our engagement does not end with incorporating your company and applying for your business licenses. We do more. We advise you of the various incentive programs which the Government has put in place to incentivise certain qualifying investments. The Finance Act 2016 brought changes in the Small and Medium Enterprises Development Act 2009. Small enterprises incorporated after the 2nd June 2015 shall qualify for a tax holiday of 8 consecutive accounting years subject to satisfying a number of conditions.


Mauritius has taken space over the years to become an important international financial sector. We advise our clients of the different vehicles that exist under the Financial Services Act 2007 to structure the domiciliation of their companies in the Mauritius Financial Services centre. Mauritius has concluded 43 tax treaties with a number of countries giving a worldwide coverage for businesses which want to use the Mauritian jurisdiction for channelling their investment. Our business facilitation services provide a handful of information and advises them on the way to route the investment. Tax consideration is the focus when structuring international cross border investments. Our dedicated tax experts would be the persons to speak to get assurance that the right structure is used for investment routing.

Mauritius in an exotic island with a blend of cultures living peacefully together. It is a vibrant democracy with clear cut separation of powers between the judiciary and the executive. Foreigners dream to live and work in Mauritius. All start with holding an Occupation Permit. Thereafter, on fulfilling a number of conditions they can apply for a Permanent Resident Permit allowing them to live and work in Mauritius for a period of 10 years. See our Work and Live section for more detail.

Oregon Consulting Ltd assists foreigners who want to work and live in Mauritius.

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